Top Driving Apps

While texting and driving is never encouraged, there are still many useful and safe ways your smart phone can be useful on the road. Make your Nissan driving experience more pleasant with these free apps, available to both iPhone and Android users.


Tired of getting gas only to drive a mile down the road and see it somewhere else for far less than what you just paid? GasBuddy helps locate the cheapest gas stations in your area based on the city, state or zip code you input. The prices listed are submitted by other users who earn the chance to win points and achievements each time they report local prices.

Platform: iOS (

Find My Car

We’ve all forgotten where we parked at some point, and there’s nothing more frustrating than walking aisle after aisle trying to spot it. Find My Car uses GPS and an internet connection to help you find your parked vehicle. Simply put a pin on the map to easily locate your car in packed parking lots or city streets.

Platform: iOS ( ) | Android ( )


When you get in your car to go to work or drive home you want to listen to what you want to listen to, and that may not entail tuning into some radio show and waiting 15 minutes for the next traffic update. Waze provides real-time traffic information, voice navigation and up-to-date road maps so you can enjoy on-demand traffic updates. Members of the 50 million user community can even report accidents, hazards, closures and police traps.

Platform: iOS ( )

Speedometer Speed Box

Unsure if your car’s speedometer is working properly? Speedometer Speed Box gives an accurate measure of your current speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour and also keeps track of your distance traveled.

Platform: iOS ( ) | Android ( )


Keeping track of your repairs and auto shops that provide good service isn’t always easy, but it can be useful to know when you last rotated your tires or changed your air filter. RepairPal helps you keep track of your vehicle’s repair history, provides estimates for repair costs and recommends repair shops in your area that other users have found to be reliable and honest. All of the information is then made accessible through an online account for future reference.

Platform: iOS | Android ( )

Craftsman Garage Door and AssureLink™

Craftsman Garage Door uses AssureLink™ Connectivity to control your garage door at a distance through your mobile device. Users can even set an alarm so they are notified when their garage door is opened or closed without permission.

Platform: iOS ( ) | Android ( )

Don’t Forget the Car


In order to enjoy the convenience afforded by all these apps you first need a great, reliable vehicle in which to use them. If you’re in the market or soon to be looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, make sure to stop by Torre Nissan or browse our inventory online!  


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